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Saturday 17.07.2021 @ Blaue Blume Wildblumenfestival

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Reviving Second Wave
Feminist Self-Examinations

"Theresa und Tom created and held a fine and conscious atmosphere in the room, in which I felt good and had the possibility to become acquainted with "Kink and Shibari" using a series of well-synchronized games and experiments. The evening was over too quickly for me and so it happened that I wished for more time to feel myself during the evening. All in all a big recommendation, I would love to come again!"


"Thank you for your demonstration of being a powerful Dom! It was inspiring to me. I wish to express a similar energy, and I'm amazed you have it at such a young age."


"right from the first eye contact I felt a big resonance with you. You are very awake and radiate liveliness and care. It was a gift for me to take part in the workshop, it filled me with love ♥️ I wish for myself more time with you. For me it is something really special, because there aren't so many people that affect me the way you did"


"I find shibari a pleasure for the mind and for the body. I learned that in order to enjoy I need to let go and relax all of my muscles, the more I relax the more I enjoy. I also found out for myself that I prefer to be tied-up by the partner instead of tying the partner, maybe because I don't have so much experience tying so I would like to practice more on tying the partner. I think the event was a success, you navigated the event wisely and gently with caution and care, not pushing too much on one hand and encouraging the participants to dare and do the games nicely on the other hand. I think the balance was good. I could see that you are a sensitive person and you were attentive to the participants in a calm way. I really liked it."


"I am very impressed by how you are holding these rooms despite the large potential for emotional triggering. I feel very, very safe in your presence, and when I feel the need in me I will be happy to attend another offering from you, so that I can use the space to heal my trigger points at my own responsibility. The head-bondage was really great, state of the art. It is as if you two were made especially for facilitating such spaces, amazing! 😍 My regards also to Theresa, to whom I would like to say, that shes shining even more than before - she was really shining at the workshop and was really connected to herself, it was beautiful to observe! ❤️"


"I had a lot of fun in your workshop, many thanks again. Your conscious guidance and the repeated opportunities for reflection after each exercise removed any worries which I had before the workshop. I felt very good and was open for new people and for their touch. I could express at every moment what I wanted and what I did not want, what is good for me and what is not. In the beginning I was very nervous, as well as once in a while (especially when I was the active part - the one that ties), but I also managed to feel really good and relaxed when I was in the receiving role. I think that the nervousness will decrease with practice. I also learned a lot about my body and felt a lot of happiness and trust, as I saw that people relaxed in my touch and played with me."


"Thank you for the great workshop. It was great how we started the workshop with the circle games - It helped getting to know the participants. I also really enjoyed the second part of the workshop, which was very well synchronized coming up after the first one. For me the second part could have been longer, as I got stuck just observing everything =)"


"I must say you held the room very consciously and managed to create a warm and very inviting atmosphere. One had the feeling you are the very manifestation of calm and that has a strong influence on the participants, I was very impressed by that. It was also a very positive contrast to the "stars" such as [name censored], who might be facilitating such events on a constant basis, but not with such magic as yourselves. In summary, I have yet to have enjoyed participating in a workshop with such a relaxed atmosphere."


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