Authentic Spaces

Engaging in intimate touch with strangers is something foreign to our society. Our experiences and those of our participants show that a surprisingly high level of trust and connection can be reached with a group of strangers in just a few hours by using the proper structure and guidance. The intimate rooms created in this way can be used to explore one’s boundaries, needs, desires, to meet and dissolve blockages related to trust, intimate and sexuality, and to nourish our most basic needs for loving touch and affection as human beings. It can also be a great place to find like-minded human beings – it is actually how we found each other.

Authentic spaces nurture:

    • Practicing vulnerability, intimacy, trust and honesty as well as expressing needs, boundaries and impulses with others in a safe space
    • release of blockages related to intimacy and thus indirectly also to sexuality and relationships
    • taking the tools and trust obtained in the workshops to deepen “real life” social connections such as friends, family, colleagues and romantic partners
    • enjoying authentic & liberating social interactions

Flow & Intention

Our events are held for 10 to 40 participants in order to ensure an intimate atmosphere. We play games from the worlds of theater improvisation, authentic relating and non-violent communication to reconnect the participants to their bodies, emotions, needs and boundaries and to create an atmosphere of trust, which we then use to engage in games involving gentle touch. The event unfolds slowly and gently, allowing ample time for “maybe”s and “no”s and for participants to move in their own individual flow.

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