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Upcoming Offerings

29.9 – 04.10.2023 @ Berlin

We invite you to gather in an intimate and diverse group of up to 30 experienced sensual explorers for six days, in a spacious house in nature near Berlin, with a large wooden-floored playroom, a sauna, a private garden and recreational rooms, all exclusively reserved just for us. We invite you to our third Intimate Imaginarium.

Past Offerings

28.08 – 02.09.2022
@ Touch & Play Germany 2022

A white owl just dropped your acceptance letter to the Magical School of Bitchcraft! Together, we will (re-)awaken long inhibited powers of bitchcraft. Freshly defined for our workshop, bitchcraft is the magic skill of being self assertive while being attuned to the other person. It is cheekiness while carrying an open heart. We hall start by attuning our senses to the felt aliveness of our interactions. What makes an interaction fresh, sparkling, surprising, honest, touching? We hall then play with somatic, relational, energetic and verbal aspects of bitchcraft – self-assertion, empowerment, trust, sensitivity, creative aggression, spontaneous expression, improvisation, resonance, and listening to the shared rhythm of the interaction. There will be time to share and reflect the failures and treasures that we encountered. The workshop is open for aspiring (b) witches of all genders.

28.08 – 02.09.2022
@ Touch & Play Germany 2022

Oh, so shy! Avoidant gaze, wanting to hide, nervous giggle, tense silence… Self-help guides give ample advice on “how to overcome shyness to finally become the person you want to be”. Tempting? Oh yes, our many attempts to overcome shyness can indeed bring us far – in the meaning of “apparently successful”, and in the meaning of “distanced from our vulnerable core”. In this workshop, we’ll leave the overcoming aside and instead tune into our shyness. We’ll use emotional imagination techniques, reflection, embodied self expression, movement, sharing (and hiding?) to listen to our shyness and build a finer relationship with it. 

Photo: “Red Cheeked Cockatiel” by Andrew from Sydney.

28.08 – 02.09.2022
@ Touch & Play Germany 2022

“I feel pulled towards your energy. We dance and it feels… In resonance. Yes, we are on the same frequency.“

We often borrow terminology from physics without being aware of its original meaning, perhaps expecting it to be boring or detached from our life experience. In this lecture I invite you to discover how rather beautifully well-connected, symbolic and inspiring the scientific side of things can really be.

We will explore questions such as:

What are forces and fields and how do they influence us? What is energy, which types exist and how do they transform? What are waves and frequencies? What is resonance and how can it be used to transfer energy? What is quantum mechanics?

31.07.2021 @ Berlin

Does looking at the cervix change how I feel about my gender identity? Do I find it interesting, awesome, queasy, or strange? What does it actually look like, what do I and others see there?
We encourage the exploration of our bodies in both a playful-creative and technical anatomical ways.

16-21.07.2021 @ Wildblume Festival

Rope workshop held in the jellyfish space of the Blaue Blume Wildblume Festival 2021.

Photo by Marco Verch 

17.10.2020 @ Heidelberg

Seilspiele helfen uns, uns selbst und unsere Beziehungsgestaltung tiefer kennenzulernen. Schönheit und Schatten unserer unbewusste Beziehungsdynamik werden erfahrbar.

13.02.2020 @ Tel Aviv

…איך זה מרגיש
?לקשור ולהיקשר
?להיות דומיננטי ולהתמסר
?לתקשר גבולות וצרכים

12.02.2020 @ Jerusalem

What happens when I share non-verbal eye contact with a stranger? What is there to enjoy? How does tension arise? What comes as a surprise?

30.11.2019 @ Heidelberg

Wie fühlt es sich an, gefesselt zu werden, oder jemanden zu fesseln? Jemandem bewusst Macht über mich zu geben, oder Macht über jemanden auszuüben? Meine Bedürfnisse, Gefühle und Grenzen klar und direkt zu kommunizieren?

23.11.2019 @ Heidelberg

Was passiert wenn Du mit einigen anderen Menschen im selben ZeitRaum bist, mit Menschen, die wie Du im Miteinander bewusst, rücksichtsvoll und spielerisch erforschen möchten, welcher Kontakt für einen selbst wirklich erfüllend, nährend, authentisch und stimmig ist?”