Sensuality-Positive Improvisation and Playback Theatre

Imagine improvising or watching…

a nervous visit to the confident doctor

an absurdly funny scene from a cliche porno movie

a sleeping party gone wrong (or right)

S+ archtypes such as the guru, disciple, creep, needy, saint and victim


Which moments caused an inner reaction? Why and what can this show me about myself? What turns me on and what turns me off? What inspires me?

S+ Playback Theatre

I tell a personal story of an intimate moment.

 Maybe about…

A special group or gender constellation

A new position or toy

Receiving or giving a yes or a no in a memorable way

A supposedly mundane encounter which turned surprisingly interesting

Dominance and submission

Shame or pride

We then playback the scene, improvising the roles of the storyteller, their partner(s), objects in the scene, relevant body parts and even embodiments of emotions or ideas.
What insight can I gain by playing the scene in a particular role or by witnessing it? In which way can we change the story? Which qualities do our changes introduce?

Workshop Flow

We start with games exploring the topics of authentic relating and improvisation theater to ignite the imagination, establish a group atmosphere and refresh our body-mind connection.

Once we get into flow, we play and watch. We determine the setting and some basic details and see where the journey takes us.

Through improvisation, through playback, through archtypes, through intimacy, through ourselves. It is wild, deep, funny, outrageous, dramatic, fake and authentic.

The games are accompanied by sharing circles in order to encourage reflection and to make sure we are connected with our needs and boundaries (consent). In the closing circle we integrate, share, mirror and inspire ourselves and each other.

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