Sensuality-Positive Spaces

Our events are sensuality-positive (S+).

In a sensual-positive space, social norms and taboos around sensuality and sexuality are actively questioned and explored using a variety of non-verbal means under an group atmosphere of consent, trust and vulnerability.

S+ Spaces provide us the opportunity to…

 explore one’s boundaries, needs and desires

 meet and dissolve blockages related to trust, intimate and sexuality

 explore taboos around how intimacy and sex should look like

 nourish our most basic needs for loving touch and affection as human beings

 live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling sex life

 develop repressed aspects of one’s personality – dominant, submissive, playful, dramatic

 enrich “real-life” relationships through the tools learned, be it with non-romantic friends, with the family or in a work environment

 find like-minded human beings – it is actually how we found each other

Workshop Flow

We start with guided consent and authentic relating games to reconnect ourselves to our bodies, emotions, needs and boundaries and to create an atmosphere of trust, which we then embrace to engage in games involving conscious touch. The event unfolds slowly and gently, allowing ample time for “maybe”s and “no”s and for participants to move in their own individual flow.

Once the proper group atmosphere has been established, we transition to the main topic of the particular workshop, which can be for instance:



 Intimate Improvisation Theater

Relational Shibari Rope Play

 Kink & BDSM

Blind Love

 Introspective Kink

We conclude with a sharing circle to help integrate the experience.

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