About Us


Photographer: Slava Poliantsev

Dr. Theresa works as a medical doctor and psychotherapist. She is inspired by intersubjectivity, embodiment, opposites and their connection. She loves playfulness and relaxing into the unknown, for instance in contact improvisation dance, yin yoga, shibari rope play, play fight and authentic relating.


Photographer: Uli Stern @ Touch & Play Festival.

Dr. Tom’s research topic started shifting from nuclear interactions to human interactions in 2015 after attending an intimate event by chance. Since then he has been attending and facilitating spaces nurturing authenticity, playfulness, sensuality and intersubjectivity, for instance through consent, authentic relating, theatre, BDSM and relational ropes.

Daring & Caring

Together we are “Daring & Caring”. Since 2019, we have been facilitating sensuality-positive spaces in Berlin, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Luzern, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In our events we encourage exploration of the self, of the other and of the relational space in-between while questioning taboos around sensuality. Our research topics include embodied consent, authentic relating, sensual improvisation theater, dominance & surrender, kink and relational shibari rope play. We also perform public experiments such as blind free hugs and eye contact.