Daring & Caring

About Us


Photographer: Slava Poliantsev

Dr. Theresa works as a medical doctor in psychotherapy. After studying Medicine and Health Economics in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Montpellier, she is currently specialising in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy with a psychodynamic psychotherapy approach.

Theresa is inspired by intersubjectivity, embodiment, opposites and their connection. She loves playfulness and relaxing into the unknown, for instance in contact improvisation dance, yin yoga, shibari rope play, play fight and authentic relating.

Since 2019, Theresa has been facilitating workshops and retreats in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Heidelberg and at various festivals. She also offers coaching on open relationships (openrelationshipcoaching.de).


Photographer: Uli Stern @ Touch & Play Festival.

Dr. Tom is father, partner, somatic & intimacy explorer, nuclear physicist, developer and digital sculptor. In 2015 Tom experienced a transformative evening, setting stuck intimacy-related issues back in flow and shifting his interests from nuclear to human interactions.

Tom started organising his own events in 2016, including cuddle puddles, meditation, improvisation theatre workshops and street performance art experiments such as eye contact, blind hugs and blind walks.

In 2019 Tom experienced a second transformation in his intimacy through rope bondage and kink. He appreciates the intense aliveness and psychological nakedness available in sensuality-positive somatic spaces and enjoys attending and facilitating them with a hint of self-humor and deconstruction.

Daring & Caring

Together we are “Daring & Caring”. We are a psychotherapist and scientist couple who are fascinated by intimacy in its different forms and by its potential for subjective and intersubjective exploration.

Since 2019, we have been facilitating sensuality-positive events and retreats, in which we nurture exploration of the self, of the other and of the relational space in-between while questioning taboos around sensuality.

We gave workshops in Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and in festivals such as Blaue Blume and Touch & Play, as well as our own retreats under the label “The Intimate Imaginarium” (three editions so far). 

In 2022 we started a new adventure of being a family.