The Intimate Imaginarium

Lets imagine…

A sensual meeting of elves and nymphs frolicing in the forest.

A nervous visit to the confident doctor.

A hypnotizing dance with a seductive vampire in a Victorian ballroom.

An absurdly funny scene from a bad porno movie.

A ruler being worshipped and pleasured by their eager slaves.

A sleeping party gone wrong (or right).

How does it feel to experience such fantastic and bizarre scenes in a conscious, safer space?

The Intimate Imaginarium invites you to shed off your skin, take on new inner forms and unwind your fantasies.

We use the wild powers of improvisational and playback theater, sparkled with constellation work, intimacy exploration, archtypical symbolism and with some kinky impulses, to explore our intimate and sexual boundaries, tendencies, fears and fantasies. To get into contact with that which is holding us back within ourselves to live our life more fully.

Humans as a stage

I am a stage played upon by many actors. Some are performing with their colorful, well-visible cloths at the front, while others perform from the shadows. I want to understand the grand play that is myself. I want to help the players work together better so that the story they tell is more coherent, more precise, more me. How do I tell the story I want to bring into the world and into interaction with others?

This sounds interesting but can be very difficult in practice. How can I research my stage, when all I know is to perform the same performance, with the same characters taking on the same roles? The ones at the front stay at the front and the ones in the shadows stay in the shadows. How do I get to know them? 

Playback Theater & Constellation Work

I draw up courage and tell a personal story of an intimate moment. Maybe I said yes where I felt a no? Maybe I went over my own boundaries in an attempt to satisfy myself or my partner? Maybe I’m not even sure whats so special about that moment, but it keeps coming back to me. Maybe there are emotions associated with it – shame, guilt, frustration, anger, sadness.. Or maybe also joy? Maybe it was a near-perfect moment and I want to understand how to invite more of these into my life, or how to make future ones even better?

The group members then take on different roles in my story. I sit back as one plays me, one (or several) play my partner or partners, and others play important elements in the room – maybe the bed or a sex toy. The resulting scene can raise surprisingly relevant, precise and deep questions and impulses that allow me to see the happenings from a new perspective and gain fascinating insight.

Intimacy Exploration

“Classic” improvisation theater often only stretches the cocoon of our social taboos so far. Topics like intimacy and sexuality are often touched upon only briefly and awkwardly.

In the Intimate Imaginarium, improvisation theater is used explicitly to explore our inner intimate and sexual worlds.

How does it feel like…

To flirt, reject, intice or disgust our play date partners in a fancy restaurant, in the hospital, on the beach, in the graveyard or on a spaceship?

To re-enact ridiculously funny or blatantly dramatic porno scenes?

Or intimate scenes as a handless or blind person?

Or maybe as an alien, capable of causing sexual stimulation by blinking or by saying the word “starlight”?

How does a dating ceremony feel like for a pair of foxes, peacocks or beetles?

And what surprising things can I learn about my real life from these fantastical events?

Archtypical Symbolism

The stories in our society, culture and minds are performed by various characters. If we take a closer look, we can dilute their essence into archtypes. We can allow ourselves to be inspired by their rich symbolism to liberate our hidden players into the front of the stage. How does a date between the fool and the high priestess look like? How does the trickster prepare a feast for the sun and the moon? How can the hanged person turn an unlucky social situation around?


The intimate Imaginarium begins with warm-up games from the worlds of authentic relating, radical honesty, consent and improvisation theater to ignite the imagination, establish a group atmosphere and refresh our body-mind connection. Once we get into flow, we play and watch. We determine the setting and some basic details and see where the journey takes us. Through improvisation, through playback, through archtypes, through intimacy, through ourselves. It is wild, deep, funny, outrageous, dramatic, fake and authentic. It is an experiment and a journey, inner and outer. The games are accompanied by sharing circles in order to incourage reflection and to make sure we are connected with our needs and boundaries (consent). In the closing circle we integrate, share, confirm and inspire ourselves and each other.

The workshop is suitable for both complete beginners and those experienced with the related topics.

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